Sara's Birthday Bash!

Here's the birthday girl! Sara just had to have a princess barbie cake too just like Estell! Connie did a great job using her favorite colors: green and purple!
It was so delicious! Dark chocolate cake with cherries!
Max and Estell helped Grandma Connie put the candles in!

The guys were having so much fun- they could hardly contain themselves! hehe
Aunt Linda has some cool blocks and a huge smiley face magnet- Fun!
I made a purse for Sara! Got it done right before we left hehe!
I thought it was so fitting for her- pink plaid with a vintage flower print lining!
SO Adorable!
It's been awhile since I've been so embarrassed but right after she opened the gift from us I accidently opened one of her presents!!! My face was bright red! Oh man! But at least everyone got a good laugh!

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  1. The cake looks pretty amazing, and dark chocolate with cherries, okay, I definitely have a cake craving now!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment, I definitely have had Etsy in mind, as far as a place to sell my book when it's finished. I love Etsy, and sometimes have to downright avoid it when I have no money (well, that's actually most the time) cause otherwise I just get tempted by all the lovely goods sold on there!