Spring is coming up and I'm getting excited about creating more custom dresses! So this is just a post on some great dresses I was looking at on Polyvore- the first one was designed by Alexander McQueen.


Plaid! Plaid! Plaid!

My dear friend Sue asked me to make a tote bag for her daughter! I had made one for Sue's birthday and apparently Alyssa was trying to snatch it lol and she wasn't about to have that- she's looking forward to using it on her trip to Arizona!

(I unfortunately never got a picture of the tote I made for Sue but it's similar to the Lady Pearl tote on my Etsy)

Alyssa, who's in the fourth grade, is very big into designing her own outfits, purses, and jewerly so I was asked to make a tote as close to one that Alyssa had designed! FUN!! I can't tell you how awesome it was to make this! I think it shows in the bag!
In other news: We are getting ready to move in with my in-laws (I'm mostly excited! but a little nervous too lol)

The plan is to save up to buy a house! My in-laws are great for helping us make this happen much faster then if we were to continue renting. Needless to say, I'm very grateful for this opportunity! So anyway, we've been packing, organizing, cleaning.. BLAH! But I was so excited when I found this ottoman!

It's perfect! The kids can crawl all over it, Stefan can use it to put his feet up AND it holds all of my yarn, croteching looms, and handstitching supplies perfectly!!

This is the outfit I was wearing today! I realized I must've looked kinda crazy with all the PLAID! It's pretty obvious that I adore plaid- plaid headband from the Dollar Tree hehe, plaid jacket from Maurices, and the plaid purse made by moi!


This is how we do it...

...in Minnesota! lol
At an incredible high of 30 I just had to take my son to the park- it was just too nice out to let it go to waste!
We had a blast crunching around in the snow!

And I couldn't help but thinking...
I really love my life.
I look forward to each and every day.
And you know what else? I have never been so happy. Once I had my son and married my best friend it was like all the pieces in my life came together. I feel more confident in myself and what I have to offer to the world. I'm more optimistic. I just want to laugh alot.
Every day offers something new and exciting...
Like yesterday, I only had to work 9-1, then I got to sew for a couple hours before picking Maximus up from daycare, then we went to the park and played. I made pork stir fry for dinner and we watched Olivia- this great show on Nickelodeon about Olivia the pig. I got it for Estell's 3rd birthday cuz Olivia reminds me of her! She wants to do everything and be the center of attention, she talks a lot, she's multi-talented, loved by all, and has an annoying little brother...

haha Now I know my day may not have sounded exciting to everyone but I enjoyed it very much! And I got to look forward to today, a day off from work, a day to just hang out with my kid, a day to sew and clean...
And I don't know what it was.. maybe it was the sun being out and the hope of spring not far off, or maybe it was my adorable little son, or the incredible sex I had with my husband but I just couldn't help think what a wonderful life I have...


I couldn't resist...

I mean, it's such a gorgeous necklace and it made me feel Absolutely Stunning. All day.
I'm having a wonderful weekend- getting things done that have been put off too long...
And, let's face it, I'm feeling pretty damn sexy about it.


Girl's Night Out

So I just had the best night out with my Amazingly Hott Girlfriend: Chelsay Bernard!
Doesn't she look fabulous?!?
I am so glad she got that purple plaid jacket, only $9.97 at JCPenney! What a steal!
I got myself all dolled up for going shopping with Chels. I wore this super cute top my mother in law got me for Christmas! Absolutely love it! She knows my taste well, she got me two other tops that I just adore..
Chelsay has worked so hard the last year. She's been totally dedicated to exercising and dieting-- I am so proud of her. She has been there every step of the way for me as well, keeping me motivated, being supportive on those off days, and always being so optimistic and she's got a great sense of humor! She's my best friend! I am so excited I got help her pick out a fabulous dress for her fancy night out with Damon this weekend! He's taking her to the Redwood Room, one of the most romantic restaurants in Rochester. ;)
Thanks for being there for me girl!
We look Amazing!
lol I just had to have a Strawberry Extreme smoothie from Orange Julius! OMG YUM
The purple jacket she got was Stunning with the dress!
I think she was pretty happy with how it all turned out! I had a great time helping pick out new clothes. I think that's important when you've worked so hard on your body to be able to be comfortable with your new size. And wear clothes that fit nicely. It's so important to treat yourself when you've worked so hard, to recognize your accomplishments.

And I was so good! I only spent $2.50 on this sweatshirt at Savers! Royal purple with hearts all over-- so cute! :D I think this will be fun to wear out or just to the gym. lol

Movie Night

These are my current 3 favorite movies! All of them are hilarious in their own right lol I'm a big fan of comedies so if you are too and haven't seen these you should!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!


Today's Look

I was very excited about todays outfit! The top is from before I was pregnant and it fits! It's also 2 years old but I think it's still trendy, I paired it with a see-through dotted long sleeve v-neck and a triple strand of black and silver beads.
It would've looked a little better with my hair down but I had to get up extra early. Kinda shows, I look pretty dang tired. lol
Despite that, I think and feel that I looked great today! I am so proud of my body! I've worked hard for it and I feel amazing! There are muscles on me I never knew I had! lol I encourage anyone who's trying to improve their health this year-- it is well worth it! lol :D


Artsy Fartsy Day

The kids and I are having a good time today makin' stuff. First we colored some ceramic sea animals from Color Wonder.

I picked up some little white piggy banks the other day for the kids (because they completely smashed their first bank! I was pretty upset but they didn't seem to care) SO! Maximus and Estell had a good time painting them!

I'm big into abstract art so I think I'll cry if they smash these banks! They turned out way cool! I sprayed them with finish and then I was thinking I would write their names on them...
Maximus got really upset towards the end for some reason, I wish he'd talk more cuz I have no clue what he was upset about. lol The banks turned out awesome though!

Warm House

My cousins CeJay and Dave got a new house! Good enough reason as any to celebrate!
I had a blast with CeJay! It was cool meeting her friends and I gave her a makeover! hehe Never realized before that how much we really do look alike! Aren't we gorgeous?!
And completely ripped...
Dave was hilarious! He told me that Stefan was his best friend and Josh too and that Josh thinks I'm hott. hehe Thanks! I think so too.


Sara's Birthday Bash!

Here's the birthday girl! Sara just had to have a princess barbie cake too just like Estell! Connie did a great job using her favorite colors: green and purple!
It was so delicious! Dark chocolate cake with cherries!
Max and Estell helped Grandma Connie put the candles in!

The guys were having so much fun- they could hardly contain themselves! hehe
Aunt Linda has some cool blocks and a huge smiley face magnet- Fun!
I made a purse for Sara! Got it done right before we left hehe!
I thought it was so fitting for her- pink plaid with a vintage flower print lining!
SO Adorable!
It's been awhile since I've been so embarrassed but right after she opened the gift from us I accidently opened one of her presents!!! My face was bright red! Oh man! But at least everyone got a good laugh!