Artsy Fartsy Day

The kids and I are having a good time today makin' stuff. First we colored some ceramic sea animals from Color Wonder.

I picked up some little white piggy banks the other day for the kids (because they completely smashed their first bank! I was pretty upset but they didn't seem to care) SO! Maximus and Estell had a good time painting them!

I'm big into abstract art so I think I'll cry if they smash these banks! They turned out way cool! I sprayed them with finish and then I was thinking I would write their names on them...
Maximus got really upset towards the end for some reason, I wish he'd talk more cuz I have no clue what he was upset about. lol The banks turned out awesome though!


  1. i used to love doing those when i was a kid! these are wayy cooler than the ones i did though!

  2. Isn't it crazy the things kids have today!? It's a good thing I have little kids so I have an excuse to play with all the new contraptions out there! hahaha