Plaid! Plaid! Plaid!

My dear friend Sue asked me to make a tote bag for her daughter! I had made one for Sue's birthday and apparently Alyssa was trying to snatch it lol and she wasn't about to have that- she's looking forward to using it on her trip to Arizona!

(I unfortunately never got a picture of the tote I made for Sue but it's similar to the Lady Pearl tote on my Etsy)

Alyssa, who's in the fourth grade, is very big into designing her own outfits, purses, and jewerly so I was asked to make a tote as close to one that Alyssa had designed! FUN!! I can't tell you how awesome it was to make this! I think it shows in the bag!
In other news: We are getting ready to move in with my in-laws (I'm mostly excited! but a little nervous too lol)

The plan is to save up to buy a house! My in-laws are great for helping us make this happen much faster then if we were to continue renting. Needless to say, I'm very grateful for this opportunity! So anyway, we've been packing, organizing, cleaning.. BLAH! But I was so excited when I found this ottoman!

It's perfect! The kids can crawl all over it, Stefan can use it to put his feet up AND it holds all of my yarn, croteching looms, and handstitching supplies perfectly!!

This is the outfit I was wearing today! I realized I must've looked kinda crazy with all the PLAID! It's pretty obvious that I adore plaid- plaid headband from the Dollar Tree hehe, plaid jacket from Maurices, and the plaid purse made by moi!

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