Just a quick note: I am so busy making Christmas presents I have had no time for Etsy or my lovely bloggers! I am so sorry! I promise to post something fun soon! Hugs and kisses!


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Here are some fun Etsy finds that I have my eye on for Christmas gifts:
Sushi candles by DoubleBrush

Rosette fasinator by GiantDwarf

Peacock clutch by Clutch That!
Owl in Midnight Sky by BionicUnicorn
Night Sky by eva666
Kamikaze by CocoPunkz
Jumbo Rainbow Crayons by art2theextreme
Crayon Wallet by bitsnpiecesetc

Chasin Beaver by Brokesy

Apron by MaidenJane


I Won! I Won! hehe

This Halloween was great! I was worried we weren't going to be able to do anything because I was super sick the week before and then Max got sick and then Stefan was getting sick.

So the afternoon started with me getting Maximus ready to go over to my cousins for the kids birthday bash/trick or treating party. He picked out the clothes and I did his face paint. In case you can't tell-- he's a clown.
Auntie Shataye helped me get the little guy ready!

I decided wo wear my wig-- I didn't get into my full costume right awawy cuz I wasn't sure if we were going to go to Brooke's party or not. Either way I was going to wear the damn wig.

Max waiting for Dad to get home. (that's the trick or treat bag I made and he picked out)

See my pet spider?

Krysteena picked out the Scarecrow Trick or Treat bag- I have one to all the kids.

My cousin Whitney was dressed up like a sexy convict. Hott!

My cousin CeJay was a Bad Fairey!

Dave, CeJay's husband was dressed up like a woman but he ended up changing his costume several times lol

Max got really scared.

Sissy (Krysteena) is such a cutie!

We took all the kids trick or treating-- Stefan was a Coon.

The lil' gnome was so cute! There was also a ladybug with us, Big Brown Bear from the Big Blue House, a ghost, Megatron, and Batman.

After a few houses Max had the hang of it and had no problem going up by himself. All week, like 5 times a day he would say, "I wahn nany" Well he got his "nany" LOL (It was all gone by Monday)

The Sisters.

Damien was pretty grouchy most of the time but oh well. He kept throwing himself on the ground and rolling in the leaves and just being goofy.

Finally! We decided to go to Brooke and Dane's party! So we got ready at CeJay and Dave's house while they got ready for another party as well.

Shataye and Bradley (her new boyfriend) He's actually pretty cool, I think he is good for her, he kind of reminds me of her so that's a good sign hopefully. :p

Brooke and Dane! They were Coneheads! They threw the best Halloween party!

Carmen dressed up like a woman from a 60's movie called The Birds (which I will need to rent). She is so classy.

Casadee and her husband Nate! She definitely got some looks! hehe I personally loved the wig the best!

Even Kathryn and Simon made it! I was so excited! Kathryn was a lovely Geisha and Simon was an Ugly Bride.


Brooke is such a sexy Conehead.

Dave and CeJay showed up at the party! And she's kickin' it with one of my trick or treat bags (I gave it to Whitney originally cuz she was feeling left out hehe)

Bradley had to plug the radio into the socket..

Josh and Hillary.
Josh is the one that scared Max earlier. Max didn't get over it until we were halfway done trick or treating and a werewolf answered the door...

Sexy Be-otches

Jonny was a cartoon Doctor. At least that's what I say cuz his shirt was cartoony. I hope next year he comes as Carmen Electra or Lady Gaga. :D

Stefan's such a hott zombie. My sexy zombie.

Evil girl got a hold of my camera...

Bradley seems to like taking pictures of himself as much as Shataye does.

Carmen waited for us in the bathroom while Brooke and I collected votes from everyone on Best Costume...
First trophy I've ever won and I couldn't be prouder. hehe
I have no clue who this guy was but him and Stefan were easily the freakiest guys there..

Allison made such a sexy Super Girl. And check out that flask! Dang

He wants me.

Brooke tried making a Carmel Apple drink... it was awful.
Brian! He showed up towards the end and we all left for the Harbor Bar-- totally insane! They had a drink called the H1N1 lol We had a blast!
ps. Happy Birthday Dad!