Hello!! I'm Back Online WOOT WOOT

I have not written a blog in over a year. Yes, it has been that long. Reasons for this is 1. I did not have the internet for the last year and a half (OMG, I know right?!) and 2. God was busy answering our prayers.  We moved into a house out in the country and we remodeled it and it's just been a very exciting time, although very stressful too and I unfortunately never took any Before pictures of the house :(  However! The story I wish to share today is not about that- it's about...


This is my step-daughter, Estell (6), who is our princess :)   (the boys are monsters!!)  Estell asked me if I would paint a mural in her bedroom and I was all too happy to comply.  What I didn't expect was all the stories! Estell loves to tell stories and she can be quite witty for her age. She, of course, loves to be the main star.

[Day One: Princess Estell Must Live in a Tower]

"The best princesses have their own towers, Mommy DaMo" Estell says matter of factly, as she brushes her Barbies hair out.  "I want to be a princess like Rapunzel with looooong hair."  She nods her head and her short hair bobs wildly.  "And I would wear a purple gown!" She grins.