Girl's Night Out

So I just had the best night out with my Amazingly Hott Girlfriend: Chelsay Bernard!
Doesn't she look fabulous?!?
I am so glad she got that purple plaid jacket, only $9.97 at JCPenney! What a steal!
I got myself all dolled up for going shopping with Chels. I wore this super cute top my mother in law got me for Christmas! Absolutely love it! She knows my taste well, she got me two other tops that I just adore..
Chelsay has worked so hard the last year. She's been totally dedicated to exercising and dieting-- I am so proud of her. She has been there every step of the way for me as well, keeping me motivated, being supportive on those off days, and always being so optimistic and she's got a great sense of humor! She's my best friend! I am so excited I got help her pick out a fabulous dress for her fancy night out with Damon this weekend! He's taking her to the Redwood Room, one of the most romantic restaurants in Rochester. ;)
Thanks for being there for me girl!
We look Amazing!
lol I just had to have a Strawberry Extreme smoothie from Orange Julius! OMG YUM
The purple jacket she got was Stunning with the dress!
I think she was pretty happy with how it all turned out! I had a great time helping pick out new clothes. I think that's important when you've worked so hard on your body to be able to be comfortable with your new size. And wear clothes that fit nicely. It's so important to treat yourself when you've worked so hard, to recognize your accomplishments.

And I was so good! I only spent $2.50 on this sweatshirt at Savers! Royal purple with hearts all over-- so cute! :D I think this will be fun to wear out or just to the gym. lol

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