mY 2nD bIRtHDaY!

yEs! iTS mAX's BIRthdAy!!!
tHAT's rigHt- i'M 2 TOday!

dO YoU tHInk mAX WOUld NOticE IF i TOok One?

dADdy MAde THE besT hAMburGERs AND All she HAs iS fRUit?!?

mE? i'M a mEAtEAter.

OooOOo! gET TO opeN pREsENts!!! fINallY!



a NEw Hat!



tHAt'S my PUppY And auNtIE tIA anD gRANdPa

eSSie ANd kImbeRLy WerE hOggINg ThE tEetER totTEr

iT's sTIll sUMmeR ANd We had To stARt A fIRe!

lUcKY gRANdpA wAS tHEre To HElp sIMon...

tHE plAy-dOe wAs THe beST

tHEY TRieD to stEAl ONe of My CHairS!

tHEy jUST tALking grOWnUp sTUfF

DaDdy HAd tO blOw OUt ALL my cANDles... I jusT wANTeD To ToucH thEM... JeeZ

i BoNKed My Head FOr tHE 2Nd tIMe!!!! how dID I enD Up So kLuTzY?!

tHIs Is OUr frIEnd kImBERly. sHE's PRettY COol BUt i Got kiNDa jEAlouS WHEn MY daD Was giVINg HeR A piGGyBack rIDe...

tHEse aRE oUR new sILLy SOckS!! MINe is BEtter THAn eSteLL's! hAha

tHAnkS eVerYONe FOr alL MY preSENts and JUnk

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