Bus Party

One of my BFFs turned 21! And she had an awesome party! One of the best I've ever been to- rented a party bus, went bar hopping, and best yet- no drunken drama!
The night started out at Brooke's house, grillin' out and drinking!
Jonny and I look sooo hott!
Jello Shots!
~The Lovely Carmen~
Carmen, Brooke, and I in front of the Party Bus! Woot Woot
Brooke and Dane
My husband and I
Brooke opening presents!
Our men all dressed up! Two hottest guys there!

hehe I got cuffs in my gift bag!
Jonny should be a celebrity- seriously.

Stef sang "Going the Distance" by Cake- he has the most amazing voice!
I was wearing a dress I made and this super cute gay guy told me I should go on Project Runway!

Just had to make out in the Party Bus! hehe
Carmen, just back from Ecuador, should really consider modeling, I took so many pics of her!
Gotta love Cool Whip!
I had a bitch of time dancing in those stillettos but it didn't stop me!
Kevin Beck! Did you know he played at Warp Tour?!
~Thank you Brooke for the Best Party Ever~


  1. sounds/looks like heaps of fun (:

  2. So much fun and how cool is a party bus!

  3. happy 21st!!! What a cute blog u have!! thanks for following my blog! sorry it took so long to give the thanks but if u read my last post u'll understand i cant wait to get to know u!!

  4. I love that dress. The colours are gorg.

    Thanks for following my blog =)

    LT @ elle-tea.blogspot.com

  5. Looks like you really had a lot of fun. What an adventure to attend a bus party together with all the people that you love to be with. Maybe next time you can have a Limo bus party.

  6. "No drunken drama!" - Ah yeah, definitely the best. But of course, with a party bus, awesome friends, and the man, the birthday night's destined to be all out fun! You did seem to have a lot of it, judging by these pics of you guys just partying at the bar!

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