Dresses Galore!

These gorgeous dresses are from CowgirlHeaven on Etsy:

These stylish skirts are from Love to Love You on Etsy:

I needed some inspiration because my mother in laws birthday is coming up and I really want to make her something special.


  1. Those skirts are way sweet! I think Connie would look good in an Alice dress!

  2. Wow great dresses! And many mány thanks for all your comments on my blog! Really sweet! =)

    The answer to where I shop is really simple - I'm a ZARA addicted! Haha! Loveeee that shop! Almost everything I wear is from ZARA! :) You should definitely check it out if you haven't allready! Also love to shop online at www.asos.com and www.topshop.com and H&M is great for some low budget shopping! :)

  3. wow. I love the white dress.

    Cathy xo

    P.s Thanks for following me, ur blog's great too ;)