I am soooo baaaaddd!!!

I ordered shoes!!! My husband will flip when he finds out... But how could I resist?! Aren't they just adorable? I am gonna love you soooo much!!!
Crocodile studded flats and Black Rhinestone heels from Charlotte Russe


  1. Cute shoes! I really wish I had money for shoes! :( I really have too many anyway...

    Oh about the polymer clay. I responded to you by commenting my blog, but you don't get notified so idk if you read it. Anyway I got it at walmart! There was also some at Michael's. The pack is more expensive there but you can get 50% of coupons online!

  2. You'll never have enough shoes, hahaha. And I especially loveeee the first one. They are really cute :)

    xx Birgit