My Fashion Line

My craft show is this Saturday and I am rushing to get everything done!
The other night I started playing around putting together outfits on my manequin- seeing what works and what doesn't, deciding what to put on display, etc etc
And I have to say I ended up very impressed with myself!
My pieces go so well with each other! It was invigorating! I felt that satisfaction of a job well done (I did it! I did it! yeah yeah yeah!)
I think I have put together a great collection and I have high hopes for my first show! :)
My line is made from all recycled material and yet it's fashionable, fun, and girly romantic.
I started sewing last June and the last ten months have been an incredible! I found my passion and this is just the beginning!
I am so excited to start making new items and find a couple more shows to participate in this year!
I know that this year is going to be Fantastic! I have been waiting to do craft shows since I was a little girl and now my dreams are coming true...
It's almost like a fairy tale :)
Course in this tale, it's filled with heaping piles of discarded garments and fabrics that are lovingly transformed into beautiful and fashionable clothing and accessories! lol
It's a good thing I already got Prince Charming hooked...
Course, he is complaining that I need to start branching out to men's fashions...
I will, in good time...
You all just wait and see, I'll be famous someday...
Or at least be self-employed and run my own shop! That's what I really want...
I've dreamed about trying out for Project Runway (god that would be so fun!) But I don't think that lifestyle that would come with it would be suitable for me!
I'm just a very fashionable country girl! lol


  1. Wow, your line is amazing and i feel very inspired! I keep saying I will learn to sew and my sewing machine is sad in a corner collecting dust. One of my fave shows (and my dad too believe it or not) is Project Runway...that would be stressful,huh?... but certainly fun! Best of Luck DaMonique!

  2. Thanks so much! The show went really well, I'll be posting about that later on!

  3. yay, those blue dress are just beautyful <3
    and other things are beautyful too! But those dress <3