My Craft Show!

Here I am! At my first craft show ever!
I shared a booth with Andrea (Sacred Suds). She was awesome and her soaps smelled delicious!
We also had Round Bottom Baby at the show- she had the cutest kids ties! (ps. all the artists at this show can be found on Etsy)
Chickadeesigns had the coolest resin pendants and by the end of the day I couldn't resist! I had to buy one! I got one of Betty Boop on the couch with a guy (does anyone remeber his name? the blond guy?) lol and he's all like, Hey baby! and Betty's all like Oh come on! It's hilarious!

There were so many great artists at the show- 48 total- I didn't even get a chance to see them all!

I took notes through out the show to make improvements for the next show and decided I need to get at least 75 items up in my online shop! Ambitious I know but totally doable!
Jenny Bunny was so fun! I really enjoyed meeting all of you!
And here is the lady that made my first sale! Wearing one of my original headbands!
I wish I had gottan a picture of my second sale- it was the blue top with white flowers- this girl was so perfect for it, petit with long curly brown hair- so adorable! lol and that was all I got for sales!

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