Alice in Underland...

I went to go see Alice In Wonderland in 3D with my girl Brooke!
It was awesome!
I loved loved loved all the outfits Alice wore, it was soo inspiring!
Hopefully, next month, when everything starts to settle down (we moved!) I can get started on some new spring dresses! You can be sure to see a lot of inspiration from this movie!
God, I love Johny Depp! Once again he was incredible... I once told me husband that if he were an actor he would be like Johny Depp- incredibly sexy and able to play any role- the crazier the better! lol

I took one of those stupid quizzes on Facebook, "Which Alice In Wonderland character are you?" and it said, I am the Caterpillar. I am wise and like to lay around smoking the hookah all day... I'd have to say that's pretty close to the truth! ha! except I don't have a hookah :(

I must agree with my sister though, it is only worth going to see in 3D! To expand on that, I am thoroughly convinced it's only worth paying that much to see any movie so long as it's in 3D!

ps. I am so excited to take the kids to Toy Story 3 in 3D! What a hoot that'll be!

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