Movie Madness!

SO Maximus went to his first movie ever!
Alvin and the Chimpmunks 2! Oh yeah!
He was so great and the movie was cute too.
Before we got to the theatre we stopped at Dollar Tree and picked out candy. Maxx got so mad at me. OMG Because I had to put the candy in my purse so I tried explaining to him that if they caught us with candy they'd take it away! OH Man! He wasn't having any of that! Course then he saw all the candy at the theatre!
I swear that's the first time I've ever seen my two year sit so well for an hour and a half. He was so into it- it was awesome! Next weekend Stefan gets to take Estell to a movie- yay!
Father- Daugther Day- how cute!
Definitely the next movie I want to see is Alice in Wonderland. OMG It's gonna be great!
I'll have to make sure the family does this one together. Jonny Depp is so AMAZING.
It's going to be faaaannnn- tastic!

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