I had a fabulous Christmas! I totally outdid myself this year! I made some great presents for the family and here they are! I am so sorry the pics aren't the greatest- it was a flurry of colorful paper and ribbon and all sorts of craziness.

In the first pic you can see Estell and I had matching vests, that was so fun- my mother-in-laws idea! For her I made a yoga bag
for her brand new yoga mat with extra pockets for DVD's, books,
or a water bottle.
For my sister Shataye I made her a kickass purple
plaid giraff body pillow! So fun!

And for my sister Sabine I made the best quilt ever! First time I've ever made a quilt and I loved it so much that now I am making one

for myself! hehe Not totally the same as hers but the cool thing is that I am using scraps from all the material I used from all the gifts I made!
Stefan made this way cool wood plaque for his brother, Christian. It's so great- gotta love Uncle Paul's Customs. If you haven't seen it on YouTube Tony Melvin Kipper is the shit! I was hoping to make Chris a t-shirt to match but I wasn't able to get to it until after Christmas and unfortunately got no photos. I made him 2 t-shirts, one for him and one for his buddy Dieter who invented Tony Melvin Kipper and Uncle Paul so maybe you'll get to see the t-shirts in one of their newer videos- how sweet would that be?
Around this time of year I always get infected by the knitting bug so I made several scarves for family and friends- more than I have pictured here. hehe

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