Sew Fabulous

My name is DaMonique Rudolph. I am married to a German man, Stefan, who likes to eat braunschweigger (yuck!) and whose many shannanigans amuse me and keep me from getting bored. He never ceases to amaze and astound me, topping all expectations and desires... Together with our two children we are striving to build a self-sufficient lifestyle for ourselves. I have no doubts in my mind that this is an eventuality so in the meantime I plan to enjoy every single moment along the way.

Among the many many new loves in my life (like yoga, running and cooking-- who knew?) Sewing has taken a part of my heart unlike any other... I'm talking about that real life satisfaction, my calling, my purpose, it's like that feeling after a wonderful meal or great sex-- you just can't get enough. I think of nothing else. I am obsessed. And slightly dramatic...

Most recently I took several pairs of my husband's and my son's pants and turned them into shorts for summer. I am very proud of myself for saving us some money, my son would've outgrown those pants by fall anyway, and it was great practice for sewing hemlines. I'm still a sewing newbie. So welcome to the beginning...

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