Como Zoo

I looked forward to going to the zoo for a month, honest. The night before I went through all of the kids stuffed animals, holding them up and quizzing them if they knew which animal it was, seeing how Max doesn't really talk yet Estell was winning by a longshot. She was good, she knew the zebra, giraff, elephant, turtle, and bear.

The morning of the zoo trip was hectic at best, I'm a bit of a spazz and we had to turn around twice because once I forgot my cell phone (did anyone call me? no) and once because we forgot sunscreen. It was the most beautiful day ever. Once we actually made it on the road it was smooth sailing the rest of the day.

The Conservatory was gorgeous. Someday I will have something similar at my home, probably on a much smaller scale. Or maybe I will have to something similar to the Japanese gardens in Portland. Either way an indoor greenhouse is a must.

Estell was petting the fishies. hehe
Most of these trees were between 35-60 years of age, unbelievable. I want one of these too.

A pet flamingo? That would be fun, wouldn't it?!
Or how about a monkey? As long as there's no poo-flinging I'm in.

Shortly after we saw the giraff's Maximus found a toy giraff that he then continued to carry around with him for the entire day and then slept with for several days afterwards until it was lost indefinitely.

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  1. i may seriously have fallen in love with your son! xoxo!!