Silly Semi-formal BabyWear

I'm really excited about these new onsies I've been making!
So far I only have the Orange Polka Dot Tie listed on Etsy but I will get more up soon!
Way back at my baby shower for Diesel I had everyone decorate onsies for him. It was so much fun! So anyway, been cleaning house like crazy lately (post-partum nesting lol) and I found some plain onsies so voila!
Tomorrow I am going to the thrift store and hopefully I will find some more. Also want to find some more high heels to paint!
I am having a great time on maternity leave. I've made so many new items for my online shop and it's just nice to be able to slow down and really just enjoy the small things~ like waking up anytime, well Diesel sorta dictates that, but still! I don't have a set schedule, I get to decide what I want to do each and every day.
I could get used to this...


  1. Everything has improved extremely grateful to you for the sper working in the whole program

  2. i love these, big sis!!! hopin to see you all soon!! xoxo