3: We Bought a School

Yup. That's right. A school.
And let me tell you, it needs a lot of TLC. ALOT.
But that's ok cuz we have a plan- in fact, we have a 10 year plan.
Presently, we are waiting on a part for our snowblower. Here in lovely WI we have about 3 feet of snow and we can't get in lol Once we do snow blow our way in we're going to empty out our storage unit (what's the point of that when we have a school right?!) Then we want to start building apartments, first of which would be for ourselves.
Before we can start building though we have to get the building re-zoned for Special Use. That's going to cost us $375 and we are hoping like crazy that we can do that by next month. The Village Hall only meets once a month, so we have til about the second week of February to turn in our application- pray for us that it happens!
In the meantime we are looking into getting a loan to pay off the in-laws (that's who we bought the school from via Contract for Deed) and hopefully will have some left over to start remodeling. Still have a lot of research to do in that department. We are also working on our Business Plan- this could help us with the re-zoning application and the loan. Again, need to do a lot more research!
We have collected quite a few items for our apartment though! All of which have been FREE! Like this lovely burnt orange carpet (I love it!) It's just big enough for one of the three bedrooms. And totally retro hehe We also have gottan a brand new sink for the bathroom, complete with a cabinet to drop it in. And a stainless steel double sided kitchen sink with a working garbage disposal. Yeah it's not much but it's a start and I am so excited!

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