Remember me?

Gagh! I apologize that it's been so long since I've blogged! I have been so busy the last few weeks making trick or treat bags! Which has been so much fun and I will have to do another post today with pictures- unfortunately I did not start this project early enough to list them on my Etsy shop but oh well! That's another thing- I haven't listed any new items on Etsy for quite some time but I do have a few new items waiting!

Family and friends have kind of taken priority lately. Plus it's fall. And what a crummy fall we are having- rain and snow! What happened to to a cool crisp (dry) fall with the leaves changing colors. It snowed before the leaves even changed colors. wtf? Must be related to all that Global Warming hoorah...

ANYWAY! A friend of mine had a purse party and my hubby told me to go ahead and pick out what I wanted as an early birthday present. My birthday is November 12th by the way. So I got this beautiful imitation Prada and matching wallet. I am thinking of having my own purse party sometime soon so I will keep you all posted!