The Gala

Awhile back I mentioned that I was going to be volunteering for the Historical Society's Gala. Our job was to look up the guests name, get them a bidder number for the action, and try to get everyone to choose Express Pay. Very slick. This was a very high class social event!
These are the lovely ladies that put the event together: Char and Andrea. They are posing in front of none other than Elizabeth Taylor's Rolls Royce!
Isn't she beautiful?
Myself, Polly and Brooke goofin' around! The three of us all work together at the bank. OH and by the way the event was a 20s theme-- didn't find out until 2 days before the event and I had already made my dress! I was so bummed cuz I would've loved to have made some crazy fun flapper dress and hat! I think I may have to do that now... Anyway, so that's me in the dress I made...
The cigarette girls were selling flashing necklaces for $15, wine corks for $20, and tv remotes for $50. The necklaces were for fun but the wine corks you had the chance to recieve anywhere from a $20-200 bottle of wine! As for the tv remotes- if your turned on the 42" HDTV flatscreen it was all yours.
Miss Polly
They served the best food (good thing too since it was $25-45 a plate! good thing I didn't have to pay since I was a volunteer hehe) The Food was Absolutely Amazing.
This lady had the most adorable dress and matching hat- box cut dress cinched at the waist with a tiny pink belt, light and bright pink verticle stripes and the most adorable hat! Ugh I wish I got a better picture! She was so cute dancing- I think it was the fox trot.
A live jazz band!
Here we are with Paul and Betty! Paul was the man that helped put the event together- he's a real character! He really did a wonderful job, we had a great time!
I think I'd be fair competition for Betty Boop lol

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  1. Looks like a fun event and looks like you had fun too. =)