Once I was an ugly duckling...

Yesterday I started setting up my Etsy shop! Yay! It's been a long time coming- been driving everyone nuts talking about it for months! I have yet to get my items up but all in due time my dears, I beg you all to continue being patient! And today I found a wonderful website: vistaprints.com and I was able to order 500 business cards and a car magnet for FREE! (well, you still have to pay shipping but I won't complain).

It's the most increbible feeling when you start to see your dreams come together! Ever since I was an ugly duckling I felt like there was something amazing I was suppose to do with my life. I never understood what it was, nothing seemed to add up, I just hopped from one thing to the next not really seeing how any of it was connected or where I was heading. I was without purpose, living in the moment, trying to survive. I thought I knew what I was suppose to be doing but it was unfufilling.

That ugly duckling I once was, the dorky girl with glasses, braces, and terrible bleached spiky blonde hair has transcensed into a gorgeous swan, capable and confident of success. I know my path. I know what I have been called to do. I am here to make all the ugly ducklings out there discover the swan within and to show it to the world! It even reflects in my approach to fashion, all my material is second handed, discarded, unwanted and ugly but I see the potential it has and with it I create beautiful one of a kind woman's clothing- clothing that I hope when worn makes a woman feel confident, beautiful, and strong- as a woman should feel.

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  1. you are fantastic. i fucking love you.
    hope to see you soon!!!!!